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2019 Pro Lightroom CC presets

Professional lightroom cc presets. Created to achieve professional results and to speed up your workflow.

If you're looking to level up your pro editing style to a new one this year, updating your Lightroom presets with a new, professional grade collection is the way to go.

Our powerful lightroom cc presets let you instantly improve and enhance your photos with a single click. From portrait to beauty, blogger, landscape, wedding, night, street, and even beach presets. Also, our collection of .xmp format presets can be used on mobile (iOS and android) and even on desktop/laptop by adding them to Adobe cloud sync. Having the right Lightroom presets can be a huge time saver for photographers.

Adding stunning visual effects has never been easier with the new .xmp lightroom cc presets!

Professional grade lightroom cc presets. Created to achieve professional results and to speed up your workflow!

Lightroom templates & Photoshop actions Freebie bundle - Car Looks

With this freebie collection of Lightroom presets & Photoshop actions, you'll be able to create a unique feel to your automotive photos. This free bundle comes with 5 unique presets. Feel free to share them with your friends!

Beach Looks Lightroom CC presets

This bundle includes 6 Lightroom presets that gives your photos a professional-level color grading almost instantly. The presets features effects inspired by the colour of the year, orange and teal.

Subtle Summer Looks Lightroom CC presets

A unique pack of Lightroom presets that add a stunning moody effect to give a vintage vibe to your photos. The bundle comes with 8 different presets which are suitable for summer shots.

Night Looks Lightroom CC presets 

Make your night photos look as if they're taken from another world using these strong Lightroom effects. The bundle comes with 10 unique presets. Bloggers and influencers must have pack!

Wedding Looks Lightroom CC presets (freebie)

Yet another pack of Lightroom freebie presets made specifically for improving wedding photos. It includes 6 different professional grade presets. Let your friends know about them!

Beauty Looks Lightroom CC presets

If you're a photographer working with portraits, this collection of Lightroom presets will be indispensable for you. It includes 10 professional Lightroom effects for instantly improving portrait photos.

Blogger Looks Lightroom CC presets

This collection of Lightroom CC presets are ideal for bloggers and influencers who work with daily photoshoots. It includes 15 Lightroom presets for optimizing your fashion and beauty photos while also preserving the original photo quality.

Landscape Looks Lightroom CC presets

Add stunning effects to your landscape photos in just a second! We've put together 6 different presets that can make any landscape image pop-out just as if it was edited for hours :)

Urban Looks Lightroom CC presets

Set of 8 professional grade lightroom cc presets. We even included a low colour preset to bring out the clarity in the looks. Urban looks is a must-have package.

Food Looks Lightroom CC presets (freebie)

We all love that pop-up enhanced images especially when it comes to food photography. Enjoy our 4 Lightroom CC freebie presets and let all your friends know about it. Designed in 2019!